If you're renting from a GSP, you should be asking them before posting here.

We get a lot of people from various GSPs asking questions which should be handled by their hosts first. Why? You’re paying them!

If they tell you to come here without offering any help of their own, you might want to consider how “good” a GSP they really are.

BioServers support details:
Steam: Ninjadude101
Email: Ninjadude101@bioservers.co.uk
Tickets: http://billing.bioservers.co.uk/supporttickets.php

Currently looking into VoIP / phone support.

Xenon Servers
Ticket System: http://www.xenonservers.com/clients/

Ticket System:** http://www.bbservers.co.uk/cms/**
Email System: [EMAIL=“support@bbservers.co.uk”]support@bbservers.co.uk

Gmod.biZ Offers (Company: Ideal-Hosting)
(Only by request)

Languages: English, German
E-Mail: support [at] ideal-hosting.de
Tel.: +49 (0) 176 / 40102597
Fax: +49 (0) 6897 / 51103


Xadon went out of business.

hey guys i buyed a server yesterday, but i can’t get the darkrp script up cuz its keep say i installed css wrong…
but i have css in addons folder…
so pls help me.

Way to completely disregard what the thread is about and THEN post in it.

www.gamerzunlimited.com is an awesome server provider.
There ticket system is simple to use to.


I used to have them but i ran out of money. If you talk to Mag he will probably let you pay a month late.

Wr wr wr wroooong thread.


HC Hosting

Email: admin@holycakemovement.com
Name: Nathan
Position: Founder
Steam login name: legion256

Name: James
Position: Support
Steam login name: jimi060

Name: Andy
Position: Support
Steam login name: kakashihataketeam7

Name: Cameron
Position: Support
Steam login name: camiscooolio

Name: Miles
Position: Support
Steam login name: Diet_Taco

Daemon Servers UK Limited

Support via tickets and steam, see www.daemonservers.co.uk/support.php.

Current promotional codes: 50for1mnth, 25FoR2MnThs, EPP1174 (Expire 31 Jan 2011)