IFF Student Machinima Competition Deadline Approaching

The 3nd annual Ivy Film Festival Machinima Competition at Machinima.com is currently accepting student machinima entries. The Ivy Film Festival is the largest student-run student film festival in the United States held on the campus of Brown University every April.

All machinima films submitted to the festival must have been completed while the filmmaker was enrolled in a high school, college, or graduate school (but they can be from any year). We are accepting films made in any game engine.

There will be two cash prizes: A $500 Jury Prize, and a $250 Audience Choice Award.

The deadline is Sunday (March 21st), so please submit your films as soon as you can!!

For more information, please visit:

I didn’t know machinma.com did this.
What are the requirements for the film its self?

also really short notice to be posting this…

Yeah i know. I was holding off cause I didnt know if it was acceptable to post about it here. Anyway, there are no requirements except that the machinima was made while you were a high school, college or grad student. I think M.com wants the film to be under 100 megs to upload but if that is an issue you can email them.

lol whats the point of posting this? That means you have a day to make a machinima which is not possible if you what something of high quality.

I think you can submit old machinmas you have made, but you have to be in high school when you did it.

how about my recent music video?

you could submit that i think.

it says no excessive cinematics… :frowning: ah well.

I’m gonna submit Ghosts in there :v:

(hopefully won’t count as “being affiliated”)

I don’t think there be a problem.

it says it has to be a video you made in college, undergraduate school or high school etc.

Well I’m still in High School so it’s not a problem :rolleye:

you had to be 18 to register on machinima on the disclaimer bit :S