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What is with these shitty DarkRP server advertisements. Unless your going to be DIFFERENT, don’t bother advertising.

Read the thread before you start trolling, he basked for no negative comments and gave an example. You did the exact opposite.

Here’s a tip: Why not mod the game mode itself instead of adding stuff that any other server can?

Sure :stuck_out_tongue:

The “anti rdm” thing you got might as well hurt the players who arent the ones rdm’ing as the ones who are.

It just Arrest when you kill 1 people 2 times under 30 seconds, so if we say im killing you 1 time becuase im Hitman or something and after 20 seconds i kill you randomly then you get arrested,

Take serious out of the title, please.

Boohoo. He asked for no negative comments. So what? When you advertise you should expect criticism, asking for none is just making it all the more fun for people like me who criticise as much as we can to actually get IMPROVEMENTS on a server.

Stop playing Barbie lol

I’m quite sure an IG server already exists. Ingenious Gamers server, which is absolutely horrible.

Instead of adding like metric fuck tons of shit into darkrp,

Has anyone ever thought of slimming it down, adding a simple flag system, and going from there?

Seems like it would work quite fine.

Stop being a shit poster and trying to advertise another shit DarkRP server.

What does Barbie have to do with your server title?

This server fails, i was propkilling EVERYBODY and the admin was like “oh cmon please stop” kicked me, then i rejoined and did it again, got an hour ban. I love DarkRP.

you are officly Permament Banned.

Oh no! What will I ever do without your DarkRP server with 10000 unneeded jobs!