[iGmod.org] Lite Roleplay Server

Introducing yet ANOTHER DarkRP server! However this time, it’s a tad different.

Background Information
Well, I’ve been in the roleplay business a long time, especially DarkRP, and I’ve seen it develop. As it did, so did my knowledge of it. However, unsatisfied of all the admin e-whores and abuse, I decided to create my own clan/server. I’ve run several communities (Gmod Devils, Vikings, The Infamous), and the only successful one was Gmod Devils. After failing from lack of money, i tried again with the other two clans, both failing because of impopularity. However, I realized that the reason they failed was because it wasn’t a recreation of Gmod Devils, they were all different. After a lot of time without GMod, I came back and created a new clan/server because of my unsatisfactory with the current e-whore levels. So here we are now, a 40 slot server, a website, and its almost always 30+.

Clan Information
The clan name is ‘iGmod.org’, and we currently have two servers. You can visit us at: www.iGmod.org

Server Information
Location: UK
Fast Download: Yes
GameMonitor Thingy:


I don’t see too much people in the server, I suggest you to change to a smaller map so It doesn’t look like a desert town

It’s a good server apart from the fact that:

  1. It crashes all the time making the game fucking annoying.

  2. You can’t buy big guns without buying a whole shipment.

It probably just crashed.

  1. I agree with that, but its like every other DarkRP server with a 1-3 hour lifespan.
  2. True, but my theory to that is that you need to invest to profit.

Delicious server.
Played, enjoyed, will be playing again.

Thanks :wink: What’s your RPName, maybe I’ll see you on.

I’m joining now.

Oh god I saw eGo members in the player list, it’s troll time :v: Seriously, your player list had so many people with unicode characters I am actually scared of going on there from sheer numbers of kids and Russians.

It is in the UK so it will get some foreigners, but they’re no pain. And of course, you’ll get the average young garrysmod player, who are extremely annoying.

It was pretty fun with the snowball plugin.

Wait I know who it is lol nevermind.

I want that song.

Am I missing something? I see lots of ERRORS at the server.

Newest version of wiremod, or PHX. All others should be downloaded.

iGmod? Seriously?

Somebodies watched abit too much icarly or whatever that shits called.

how much does admin cost?

im looking for a server to donate to but cant find any good :confused:

You usually donate to a server you like, and if there smart they wont put admin up for sale.

Server is shit. Went on with a friend. Admins constant abusing and people just running around throwing snowballs.