Ignite does not ignite?

The ignite function apparently doesn’t work right in my GMod now…

No flames appear, not in any level, not even if I make it come up, but you’re still able to take burn damage if you get close to it.

What has happened to make the game do this?

It’s probably conflicting addons.
I had the same problem and I just did a clean reinstall of my addons.

What’s your direct X level?

Hmm…I don’t quite remember adding something that would do such… I may have to figure it out with reinstalling the addons.


DirectX is what’s needed for 3D games… start up Garry’s Mod, go into options, and then click video and look at hardware DirectX level near the bottom buttons.

Oh, duh! Sorry. XD

Direct X 9

Get Direct 10

Not everyone has Vista, you know…

And with your problem, it may be a missing material or conflicting addons. I suggest cleaning out any addons you’ve installed recently or back-up any addons you don’t want to download again and completely reinstall Garry’s mod, not just delete the local game files.