Ignite tool failed

When it burn props is just makes smoke instead of fire also it might be orange help!

What are your specs?

I got this problem on my shitty intel integrated before I upgraded.

Ok i have gmod 10 the fire was working prefecty but then i switched to gmod 11 cuz its more better so i deleted gmod 10 to save space for other things but now ignite doesent work on my gmod 11!!

second wheres do i see my specs i forgot.

Start > Run > dxdiag

There is no Gmod 11.

Just so you guys know, OP has an illegal copy of Gmod.

I know one way to solve your problem:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. In the search bar type: garry’s mod.
  3. Ask your momma for her credit card.
  4. Click buy.
  5. Insert momma’s credit card number.
  6. Download.
  7. Play.

Now your problem is solved have a good day, bye.