IgnitePRO (Part of the PRO series?)

Hey guys.

I had the idea to make some tools for use in Machinima/Comics to make life a little easier. If this first tool shows any interest perhaps I can continue making them. So, without further ado, here’s the first tool of the PRO series.


With this STOOL you can create fully customisable fire wherever you want - on the ground, on players, props, anything.


The context menu allows you to customise all components of the IgnitePRO tool then simply left-click and away you go. Once fire has been placed, it can either burn out itself, or you can undo it simply by pressing your undo key.


If people are interested enough in this STOOL then I shall post a downloadable version here and maybe even continue with my other STOOLS.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Another PRO tool is the SmokePRO tool (Creates a heavily adjustable smokestack) and it’s pretty much complete, just having some minor problems with it.

If you guys have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to post them. :slight_smile:


Credits to Bennyg, Ja-Cop and myself. :slight_smile:

WOW! that looks awesome I have always wondered why we have had that annoying default tool for fires i really hope you release this and the smoke one would be cool as well for posing and stuff.

Nice work again Dicko! :smiley:

Gave you a Lua king.

Nice :smiley:
Works on players you say? Methinks me could have some fun with this :P.

Looks good.

Nice work Dicko. Looks like it could be some fun for comics, or for simply burning minges :slight_smile:

Looks Good!

Thanks for all the +'s guys! A link has been provided on the original post to download. Thanks :smiley:

Thanks for this, please release smoke tool, so we can get something like this, Man walking out of flames, like in films, you know those epic scenes…

Sounds really awesome. Got my DL.

I bet you wished you had this when you were igniting me the other day :smiley:
Good work

You should have looked if that wasn’t already made

I’m pisssed now :frowning:

Oh fine,I found a little note I left in my code.Thanks for crediting me.

Sorry man, I used as a reference and some small snipets from Ja-cops C4, The base Igniter STOOL, trails STOOL, Hammer editor (Key values) and your Mass Igniter Stool (Descriptions that went funky whereas it said #_IgniterPRO_desc when the tool was selected). So thanks to you both :smiley:

(Oh, and doesn’t your STOOL only ignite props?)

No,also players but you could have given credits to the people you used code from :confused:

There ya go :wink:

Nice… Now I can burn everything!

It’s not about the money, it’s about a message. Everything burns!


the smoke one should be possible to make poison gas set the damage colour etc

It’d be a good idea, but this is mainly set for singleplayer/LAN servers for use in Machinma/webcomics - no death would be needed for posing etc :wink: But thanks for the suggestion :smiley: