Ignorant people advertising.

Hi all, I own a server which gets between 130/150 the majority of the day and I’m getting sick and tired of ignorant/rude people coming into it and spamming the chat with their own server IP to try and steal my players.

I have one question for the community, would anyone actually join a server where the owner/admins go from server to server spamming their chat to advertise? In my honest opinion I would certainly not. All it tells me is that the server is ran by ignorant people.


Depends on the server I’m on. If I was on a crappy server and looking to change, then yes. Which is the target audience.

If I was an admin and someone came onto my server advertising like that, I’d simply ban them.

Of course we ban them, that goes without saying.

I just don’t see why anyone would join a server where they attempt to get you via spamming other peoples servers. It just shows bad management straight away, but maybe that’s just me…

“All it tells me is that the server is ran by ignorant people.”

Tells is in the past tense. Thus, it should be, “All it tells me is that the server is run by ignorant people.” Might use the “ignorant” label more cautiously going forward. I’m sure the advertisers know other server owners don’t appreciate the advertising; they just don’t care. It’s not ignorance at all.

I’m asking for opinions from people regarding other server owners spamming their IP’s, not an English lesson. Thanks anyway.

yeah. This is one way of advertising my server I would not do.

Unfortunately advertising will always be an issue, people get jealous when they see you have a more successful than they do, so they try and skim off a few to populate their own server.

IF it’s a serious enough problem I would look into coding (or hiring someone to code) a simple chat filter plugin for oxide. I know there is one already that blocks CAPS and converts it into lowercase. Make it so if someone types in a string of numbers, an IP, then it issues a server command to kick that player.

-snip, didn’t read the second response-

But yeah, just ban them, just about all you can do.

A plugin that kick a player when typing a string of numbers, that’s a good man. Hopefully someone will make something like this in the near future.

If it made errors it would be absolutely awful mind you.
Also be aware that it would be difficult to differentiate from a domain that serves as an IP for the server, so a work around like that would exist. ( e.g. rustserver.rustgame.com ) Auto kicking is a messy business.

A plugin which counts how many times you chatted a second.

3 messages a second > warning

If you continue it mutes you ingame for a certain length of time (say a minute)

continue to attempt to message during this minute warns you some more (says you’re muted with the duration of the mute remaining) but if you carry on in quick succession the mute increases to a certain point when it kicks.

Big up to jonesy.

The only way to prevent this is to create a plug-in that will kick you when you say the amount of numbers.

The admin would get a message
“Name was kicked by warningplugin watch out”

That person might come back and try to do something diffrent, you can ban him straight away then.

This is to avoid people saying “i didn’t advertise i just said some numbers”

Just keep in mind those 12 y/o kids try to do everything, but if you have a good server then don’t worry.

Good luck !