"Ignore the asshole in the gunner seat.." Troops moving past a stationary vehicle



Epic picture, like I said on Steam. Arty for you

Nice use of the Halo guys.

This picture is really good. There is just something wrong with it but I can’t quite see it, I think it might be lacking atmosphere or something.

Posing and camera angle are nice, but the contrast is too much for me. Also, apologies Joazzz, but I prefer the original MW2 textures and the slightly brighter helmet I used in my pictures.


Lol “in the gunner seat”. I don’t think military guys talk like they’re playing BF2.

Yay, I see that my hacks were put in good use.


I love it, its very atmospheric.
Altho the colors on the suits arent from my liking.

What should I change in them? The overall colour tone? Visor colour? Camo colour?

Oh my, that is quality posing and editing. Do wan’t more.

Those hacks look pretty good, I just don’t like the camo on the pouches. Nice pose there, Hunter.

I kinda liked the golden-like colour the visors had on Baker’s and Chesty’s pictures.



The helmets look really silly, especially the guy in the middle, it’s HUGE!
Other then that is a decent pic.

I have a feeling that futuristic weaponry, modern US armor and halo helmets have become huge in art.

Pfft, no :ninja:

Boring, nothing is happening. People walking.

Does it always have to be explosions and guts?

At least something is happening.