Ignore this server with idiot admin


So if you see description of server there is no remove.Well one of the admins “Englands” decided to install a plugin for players to have remove.This is retarded and you know why, cause you can abuse in so many ways.Itold him to remove it cause it isn’t good for server to have it installed for players.After i told him people will leave server if admin is on for players he told me he doesn’t like me.I told him same thing.He then told me i will be banned and he did it.For what?Cause he doesn’t like me.
Cool admin with cool server.

such a tragedy they he doesn’t run his server the way you want him to, stay mad pleb

I agree remove is easy to abuse. I dont agree with your assessment. don’t want a server with remove,find another one.

This thread should be titled “Ignore this thread with idiot poster”. He’s probably putting it on because he’s sick of manually removing missplaced mats, because kids like you cant build for shit and just complain, ever think of that? you probs got banned because of your shit attitude and I’m not at all surprised judging by the content of your post.

You are so ass fucked.What do you know about my building skills?Are you retarded?Remove=Exploit for players!
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(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Craptasket))

I never said I disagreed with your statement, I agree it can be abused, then again that’s not your call to make little kid, thats the admins lol! shit posting in the forums is really going to get you nowhere, just shows you are an immature dick that cant handle when he doesn’t get his own way

butthurt :smiley:

AssFucked :smiley:

Short and simple, on a private server the admin is GOD. You pissed off god and got crushed like an ant, gg

Haha “you are so ass fucked”

And this is helping how exactly?

It wasn’t supposed to

Banning somebody because you don’t like them is pretty childish and a great way to lower you player count for no reason to be honest. On a few servers I’ve ran in the past, I had plenty of people I didn’t care for, but as long as they aren’t breaking any rules, they technically had done nothing wrong.

You have to have remove on a big server. Otherwise admins get hassled non-stop to instako stuff.

We heavily modified the destory script so you can’t abuse it (take out ceilings etc).

You need to play on a server where admins have a clue, and can possibly make their own scripts.

Another fun one we did the other night to combat the camp fire spammers is whenever camp fires are spammed more than x amount of times, they start blowing up and will spawn a bear right next to you.

Good times. No more camp fire spam. Same thing if people try putting sleeping bags under foundations/ramps.

OP was banned due to him telling an admin how to run the server he pays for. With how he replies here, I can only assume it was similar conversation in the banning process for said server.