Ignoring the Rules

In the General Forums guidelines/rules it states that server advertising is a bannable offence, but shouldn’t that rule carry over to this forum as well? Along with that, the guidelines post in this forum says that you either need:

  1. Content
  2. A well-developed gamemode edit
  3. Well thought-out idea

All I see in this forum is perp requests, help and support, and server advertising. I think it is time to clean this forum up to something actually presentable. With in that, then ACTUAL gamemodes will be able to survive in this sea of spam and useless posts.

I agree on some points with you, but to make everything easier for everyone, this section should be called ‘Gamemode Showcase’.

With its actual name, most people feel like this is a goto place for everything Gamemode related, aka questions and requests.

I posted about this in the “ask us about the forums thread” because this forum has really gone downhill but no moderators really bothered replying.

If you ask me this subforum needs fresh blood in the moderation staff. It just needs a user who checks once every week and locks all the offtopic “DURR HOW DO I INSTALL THE DARKRP ON MY SERVER” and “I’M THE IDEAS GUY, WRITE A GAMEMODE FOR ME” shit. This forum has always been exclusively for WIP/release threads.

I find this thread contradictory.

At this point, I really don’t think it’s an issue to post things unrelated to the creation of a gamemode. If people need help with a gamemode, they can ask here. I don’t mind it. If people want this section to be solely for gamemode creation, I wouldn’t mind that too much either. Personally, I would prefer that this section be kept open for questions regarding gamemodes simply because it might serve as a reference for people having the same issue.

Well the forum reached a tipping point a while ago so I think it’s good to have a thread discussing it.

I’m sure most people can agree that a thread about “how do i do X thing when creating a gamemode” is acceptable. But the problem is that a lot of threads here are only tangentially related to gamemodes. There are a pile of threads about buying/selling/installing PERP/DarkRP that belong elsewhere and all of the ideas guy threads should be outright deleted because they have 0 content and the OP isn’t willing to write any code themselves (or if they are writing the code, they have nothing to show).

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that people making threads provide screenshots or some proof that they’re actually working on shit.

I agree with all of you, and I have one question. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that the moderators are tired of having to deal with these all the time, but where are the moderators and why are they not doing anything against these annoying posts?

I agree with the people sayin git’s not a big deal, honestly the main problem is that no one is creating gamemodes for Garry’s Mod as much as they used to, and the only really things you see pop-up are “DarkRP Edit #999” “New Survival RP” “New Spacebuild” "New Sledrace “New Floodmod.” ughugh it’s a constant flow of diarrhea.

Make a subforum called “Showcase” for all the gamemode release/WIP threads, and have this one be for everything else gamemode related.

Where has the creativity gone?

I think there should be separate discussion and release forums for stuff.

ie, There would be “Gamemode Discussion” and “Gamemode Releases”, “Lua Discussion” and “Lua Releases” (for addons and other non-gamemode scripts), and then an obligatory “Help and Request” forum for all the threads about DarkRP not working and requesting AK47s that shoot babies, etc.

The gamemodes section used to be filled with new big gamemodes that would be my competition or inspiration. Now all the good gamemodes that used to get cheered on get flooded out by “perp” requests.

I just think that Garry needs to see this and do a restructuring of thse sections.