iGod the owner of the IG Servers is a scammer.

On the IG servers of Dark RP I got scammed by the owner of the IG server iGod aka BanHammer. My steam name is Shining Armor and he also tried to scam my friend BloodSucker as well. He scammed $25 off of me, tried to scam $15 from Blood, and just scammed a guy named Get-Right for $25. I also created a discussion for it where other people say the same thing who weren’t even on the server. http://steamcommunity.com/app/4000/discussions/1/864971765396267127/?tscn=1372429938 Check it out. This bullshit has to stop before it gets even worse.

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take any evidence you got of his scamming, and head to steam rep and post a report on him. frankly, we cannot do much here anyways

I was told this is the place to go.

By who? Just as a tip for the future, read the stickies of each section to make sure what you are posting is allowed in said section.

By people on the post on steam? Derp.

Just wanna let you all know, I am the owner of the server and this is the most ignorant admin I have ever had and he is making bullshit lies come right out of his ass.

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Get-Right never donated just contacted him. Bloodsucker Stole 40$ from my members by selling VIP/In game money/Admin for personal gain so I banned him, Sorry should I not ban for stealing? Lastly I don’t even know who you are? Shining armor? never talked to you before screenshots please?

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Proof of Get right saying he hasn’t donated:

Please argue this personally, not on a thread in the wrong section.

I wasn’t the one who posted just defending myself not gonna argue he is to stubborn.

Please, take this to steam rep

Argue about it there, since that is the forums for scammers. This is a forum of technical support.