[IGRP] Infusion Gamings Serious Hl2 Roleplay - Prototype

Hello Facepunch, this is a friendly advertisement for our Half-life 2 role-play server. Our server is based off of RoleNation.com’s old Hl2rp server. We have taken off from there and made it less strict so everyone can have a chance to have fun. Our script is one of the latest, up-to-date roleplaying gamemodes and includes these features.

-Tokens and business system
-Metropolice Force Ranking System
-Character recognizing system.
-Realistic Fall Damage
-Ability to pick up objects with your hands.
-Realistic damage system with Knock-outs.
-A wide variety of role-playing items.
-Storage system
-Ownable door system
-Combine lock system
-Various citizen and combine animations.
-Various chat features, /yell, /whisper, // ooc .// local ooc and of course the /me action ability.
-Zip tie and tied up system.
-And many more!

Our server isn’t 100% canon, we wanted to try to make it so everyone can have the chance to have fun, rather than citizens just standing around all day. Don’t let this confuse you though, we have a strict Metropolice force. In our roleplay server we have these factions.

-Metropolice Force
-City Administrator
-Overwatch Transhuman Arm
-Civil Worker’s Union
-The Resistance

Various of those factions are available to join through forum applications. Everyone should have a chance to roleplay things, otherwise in other servers, only admins would get. This should spread the variety for role-players wants. We are determined to assure that you have a fun roleplay experience. Our community has been up two months, we recently had a name change and a new server-host, with an SQL wipe due to complications, and now we are set up and good to go!

Our forums are located here, http://AmpGaming.net , go there and sign up today! The forums are pretty recent so still need some updates. We hope you check out our server.

IP:, 34 slot

-Flaky, Founder, Owner


Flaky departed from Evac Roleplay. Which has now turned into some… crappy ass fall out roleplay.

Yeah, me and most of the community departed over to Infusion. And yeah, I’m not sure that fallout roleplay will turn out so well.

Don’t expect it too.

I’m creating a HL2RP Community myself, planning it all out first ofcourse. Have a large amount of extra money sitting around monthly, so I’m just going to create a community with it. Always wanted too… and have before just don’t have the time till now.

Yeah that fallout server was fail, its very lightly edited from HL2rp script and it isn’t even edited much. So I join and an admin throws me half way across the map, I die and he calls me an assfuck.


That’s a true minge server right there for ya.

Uhh I need to bump the thread.

That server owned by jon is terrible, I play on InfusionGaming RP, and I am an administrator there, I dislike jon.

Not many people do, unless they cybered with him.