IHVtest Barney HEXED

The IHVTest materials in the source 2007 shared materials.gcf moved into the correct places in Barney’s texture and hexed.

Pics 'cause it DID happen.

And, the DOWNLOAD :slight_smile:

This is dumb

A very very bad Barney’s retexture…

That’s about the ugliest reskin I’ve ever seen.

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Wait, what the fuck.

Nope, this one’s uglier.

No, atleast he put (small)effort into it, rather then sticking the flesh material on kliener and calling it a skin.

He didn’t actually create those textures. I’m not entirely certain what they are, but they were a test of sorts that was leaked with the Beta, I think. Anyways, I don’t know what this could possibly be used for, but…well, it’s good to have it.

I think that was his point, it’s uglier BECAUSE he/she tried and failed horribly.

Looks like a crappy superhero.

It’s not his reskin. This is from the beta.

At least someone knows.

Love it. beautiful concept.

I agree. I just love how Barney look like covered in yogurt.

By the way, his hair looks like a wig if you look closer…I still don’t know how can you do that.

Apparently I’m guessing that he fell into a vat of yogurt. Yes, yogurt.

lol barney as a superhero

The pictures don’t show up for me.
Is it from it’s pure, bold sight of shit?
Or the fact that even this Facepunch Page hates it’s design?

He even rated himself winner…wow