Iji swep(Phantom Hammer)

What is the phantom hammer you ask? Its mostly a 1 hit kill by the final boss. It is used if you fail to reflect 3 energy orbs in a row(3 get shot and wasn’t reflected consecutively). In which, the boss lands and fires the shot, and kills you, not just that, but obliterates you(everything goes down to 0). Want a reference, here you go, its not for the faint of heart though:

Left-Click: Release energy orb(blue/light blue)
Looks like: Combine energy ball, except there is no yellow core there.

Can be shot 3 times before reload.
Bigger than the Combine energy ball.

Weaker than Combine energy ball
Makes a louder sound and takes a little longer than the C. energy ball.

Right-Click: Phantom Hammer Strike
Looks like: A large blue beam, larger than Strider Warp cannon. Lasts about 1-5 seconds(depends)

1-Hit kill
When fired, the beam goes through props(anything for the admin version), and is basically the size of your HUD(or about 1.5 times the size of the Strider Cannon).

Slower than the energy ball(way slower).
Takes up about 1/3 of your main ammo for it(or uses all 3 shots to charge it and fire, reload).
A lot louder than the Strider Cannon, and people can see it charge and can run away.

Can anyone try to make this weapon?