Il-2 Sturmovik '46 models

We need some good (better bold/italicise/underline that before anyone links me to the BF’42 models in some highly condescending manner) WWII aircraft models, and this game has a whole shitload of them. They’re previous-gen, but with the right textures they look good regardless.

If you really want you could do the Wings of Prey ones, but in my opinion the '46 models are far better - less ‘oh look a shiny thing’ and more focused on accurate realisations of the aircraft.

Because you’ll invariably want to see what I’m talking about, have a (mildly) edited screenshot - I just pasted the 109 in from another screen and added the smoke. The Spitfire hasn’t been fucked with, but it is carrying a custom skin I made.

If you can do bodygroups for gear up/down, flaps up/down, canopy open/closed, prop spinning/static and maybe even ragdolled control surfaces, I’ll love you forever.

Don’t let this thread die. Seriously. That would be fucking awesome.

Yeah there are like no shit fifty planes at least in the game (I actually think it’s closer to a hundred), plus fuck knows how many community-made ones

hi someone do this please even if you only do like 2 planes tia

is this seriously less of a priority than samey anime models? ugh, fucking hell i hate this generation

This is such a good idea. We need decent planes atleast one or two.


welp i guess i’d better taunt you poor, misguided souls into doing this with some more pics

Call my words late but, I agree to this

Also behind this. I have too many commitments to do this myself, but I can think of too many uses for a good plane model with flap bodygroups and seperate propellor etc. Godspeed :patriot:

I would get them but I do not have the game, although FT is getting practically the same models but in better quality from another game, I can’t remembe what it’s called though

I don’t trust the accuracy of Wings of Prey’s models though, the game had serious accuracy issues and was consolised to fuck and back.

If they’re actually accurate, awesome, but if not '46 (for the most part) is.

I support, we need good WW2 aircraft models! Does this have Japanese Zeroes? They’d be great for posing because of how important they were in the Pacific.

Im not sure if it’s got AM-6 Zeros but it’s got the ME-323 and HE-111 I need

Well, I got some news for you, buddy.

I tried ripping the Ju-87 from '46… the model came out incomplete in 3DS after I ripped it (since I don’t know if its possible to port.)

I tried the same from Wings of Prey and it was a success.

If you want them exactly from '46, then you will have to wait till I find out how to get the whole model.

Yep, it does.