I'll always remember better times. ( Blood edit test)

I like the blood on the photo, but the headshot wound is still iffy too me. This was my first attempt at blood editing.

Two things:

The blood on the left side of the picture looks a different color than on the right.

There’s a little too much unncessary space at the top of the photo. Crop it down a little.

The blood on the right of the photo looks fairly realistic.

Thank you both for the C&C.

Not dark enough.

It looks liek Dr. Kliener got knocked out and blood splattered on him.

Give the bullet wound depth. It just looks like he got splashed with it.


I’m not too familiar with gunshots wound, i understand due to suicide, there should be burn marks around the edge, which i forgot to add in :3, but, i’m not sure what to add inside the actual wounds.


The image is a gunshot, it’s graphic, but, it appears on the entrance wound, it just seems darker red, with small parts of blackness.

i Like it great job :]

the blood on the photo is really good, but try to blend the blood on his head a little bit. Also, if its a bullet wound, add some darkness to the point of entry (im not exactly sure)

Brushes-only- blood, try to play with it, maybe smudge, deform

At some spots it looks like Strawberry Jelly :stuck_out_tongue:

But it should be darker.

the blood on the head seems to be floating and looks nothing like a wound.

the rest of the picture, and the blood, especially on the right of the photo, is great.

Hope you don’t mind me editing it.


now THAT is artistic. Even better.

someone up there was right, it needed to be darker.

… wayt, how’d he get the original? there’s blood on the crotch of the leftmost guy in the picture in the original… hummmmz…

Google, typed in “hl2 photograph” :slight_smile:

industrious of you :stuck_out_tongue: anyways, I’ll stop off-topic bumping.

Sorry, i fell asleep, how did you create the entrance would if i might ask?

Thanks for the re edit and CC btw.

I drew the rough outlines of the blood, erased some of the edges to make it look liquid. Also I darkened it some more and did lots of small adjustments I can’t recount.


Now THAT looks like a bullet wound. If you look at your old one and compare, you’ll notice the difference :slight_smile: