I'll guard you while you Sleep

Something serious for once. Photoshop and Gimp edit for those who gives a damn.

The colors are somehow weird, and it’s dark.
You have to work on your angles more, too.

It’s waaaay too dark where I feel here that there should be a big sun explosion.

I tried a sun setting. Looked boring. Went for another color scheme. More like dusk just before the sun comes up over the horizon.


If you are referring to the empty space on the right, It was deliberate. I wanted the lake and the skybox there.

Why is the camera so fish-eyed? It looks awful.

Posing seems okay, not the best, but it’s decent.

Colors are weird, and very unfitting with the time of day.

Colors looks odd yes. Wasn’t getting that dusk feeling. To much blue in the edit I guess. I need to improve my color edit.

You placed the Contrast too low that’s why it looks so opaque, try using lamps/light entities to get nice color settings, or the color balance(works wonders) on GIMP.

Was using 3 light bulbs. But map reflected light poorly. Was hoping to fix that in the edit. Tanks for the tips.
And you where spot on about the contrast.