"I'll have another."

well its saturday night, im bored so i figured i’d give screenshots/posing a try.

This is my first attempt at posing, It feal’s kinda cludered but i like it.

Image break down,
-bartender is cleaning a glass
-Guy in middle is drunk out of his mind and about to pass out
-guy next to him is telling a joke to alex
-back right is a deal going sour
-middle back Eli is telling Kliner about how he fought his way out of black mesa with his bare hands
-back left two girls making out and a crowd of people chanting

just another saturday night :wink:

Image without the DOF


For your first posing its pretty good.
Have an arty.

Your name really really fits.

It is better than most firsts…

lol yep, and thanks.

Pretty good posing. Keep at it.

You’re such a liar, I’m sure you could always pose this great and was just holding out on me! XD

The DOF makes it look like the camera is drunk.