"I'll see peace back on Earth if I murder every one of these god damned animals..."

"With my own bare hands!"


Mostly in-game.


I like it alot. Some blue on the flame would add a nice touch to the color tone though.

You got it wrong “I’ll see peace of on earth even if I have to murder every single on of these animals with my bare hands”

And nice picture, i like the smoke trail, wonder if you could let us know how you did it?

there is no inspiration here anymore.

engie update:
all engie screenshots

k&l2 comes out:
all screenshots raped by pixelation

blaklight models come out:

polycount pack:
nothing but polycount shit

l2d dlc:
nothing but bill pics

this pic is uncritable ecause there is no artistic effort involved so basically this thread is you waving your cock around hoping for some attention

sorry if that sounds mean even i sometimes like to wave my e-cock around but the bonus is cool tho. should have opened with the bonus and had the generic bill pic as the bonus

Welcome to the gmod section of fp. It’s where creativity comes to die.

Dun worry, i’m here, might post something.

Btw, i like the pic especially the angle & the fire edited ( i think the fire though is a bit too detailed, it’s like it was shopped out of a pic where there was lots of fire; i’d make the fire less detailed & more blurry imo )

And you got it wrong.

“I’ll see peace back on Earth if I gotta murder every one of these bastards with my bare goddamn hands.”

I usually do original stuff man. Just haven’t had any great ideas or anything lately, so I did something generic. Big deal.


Thanks for the comments, guys!

it just makes me sad is all

To be honest, me too. This section is lost pretty much. Wish I had known about it when it bloomed a couple of years ago.

The thing is, people make something that seems original it usually is just something taken from a movie, or inspired by a diff picture. It very rarely happens that people make something that is 100% their own imagination and ideas in a pic.

Can somewhat sympathize with this. Though, you can’t expect someone to make a screenshot without being inspired by anything. One doesn’t make an L4D pose if you haven’t played the game, right?

Almost, except one or two, all of my images are not taken from anything else than my imagination. Though I don’t deny that I’ve been inspired by games and movies, but the ideas are still mine.

Woah why all the Q_Q, this is fuckin’ awesome I haven’t seen anything to this quality in this section yet…

Hopefuly the Milkmen are here to save the day.

Bill’s theme music


And yes Zerax, I got the idea from your avatar.

You may think that, but your subconsciousness picks up thousands of stuff every day, so when you pose it’s almost certain that the idea is not 100% your own imagination. It may happen on occasion, but it chances are it’s just a re-hash or a modification of someone else’s idea or work.

not that anyone can be blamed, we are all in the same boat here.

Hmm “the combine” style picture. It’s kind of dull seing your previous awesome things. I like the film grain though, lighting generally and the flare on the molotov .

And so did you!
“I’ll see peace back on earth even if I gotta murder every single one of these bastards with my bare goddamn hands!”

Nice pic. Lighting is pretty good, although could do with some more being emitted from the flames. Pose is also good too.
How’d you do that fire by the way? Looks pretty neat.

It’s “I’ll see peace back on Earth if I gotta murder every single one of these bastards with my own bare god damned hands”.