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This is my first real attempt at making a decent picture in Garry’s Mod. There was no editing done outside of the game. All I did was use the bloom, color mod, and depth of field. C&C appreciated.

Map is obviously gm_construct.

EDIT: Redone in Arena_Sawmill


Posing is a little on the bad side, I’m not going to lie to you. Depth of field is a bit much but good start!

Bad posing, an… gm_construct! Here’s a tip, NEVER use gm_construct in your poses.

Just work on your posing and your should be set.

I think it looks better on gm_construct than it would on one of the Team Fortress 2 maps, because the setting for most maps in it don’t look too appealing with the bloom and color mod I regularly use. I was just messing around in construct when I got the idea, and then I was planning out where I’d have them, and by then I was so far into it that I thought I’d just finish it. I still have the save file, so I could go in and do some modifications still.

The thing with the posing is that the Team Fortress 2 ragdolls seem a lot harder to pose for me. The joints seem a lot more constricted.

Why is the left side of the image stretched?
He’s leaning, TF2 in a GMOD map,cell-shading WITH non- cell shading Is a no no, too…
There’s more flaws than ^this but I don’t want to discourage you.
Just cause this one’s bad doesn’t mean the 2nd one will be.

I was actually wondering the same thing. I think it might be because I kept changing the aspect ratio in game, but I thought it was only on the 4:3 screenshot I took. I didn’t notice it on this one. When I go back in to fix this up a bit more, I’ll see if that’s fixed as well.

If anyone knows how to save the ragdolls in their current poses or something and move them to another map, I’ll try it on Sawmill and fix up the poses. I really don’t wanna redo it completely, because it was a pain in the ass to get the fedora in just the right position on his head. It took at least 10 minutes alone.

http://www.filefront.com/tf2%20physrar/;13834842;/fileinfo.html There’s always a way.

Poing needs work.

You don’t even know what cell shading is

I’m starting to remake the picture in arena_sawmill with the more flexible models. Any more criticism will be considered for the new picture. Changes to be made so far:

Better posing
Less DoF
TF2 map

Maybe you could get Gimp or Photoshop to edit some more stuff in. Like better shadows or something.

Bloom! It hurts!

Okay, I completely redid it in Arena_Sawmill.


NOW it looks much better, although the depth of field looks a little strong and the posing on the dead body could be better, it really just looks likes you threw the body on the log then froze it.

Thanks, and I didn’t just throw it and freeze it. I did throw it a bit, but I purposely put the arms and head where they are. I’m not really sure how to have the DoF lower, and still look as good as it currently does.

New picture is awesome. It really needs a better camera angle though.

Thanks. I’m messing with different angles, the DoF, and the color modifier to try and get it to look a bit better, so if anyone has any suggestions for it, I’ll try it out.

Remake is way better.