I'll Show You My Demon



Manual DOF isn’t really beneficial here, not bad though.

I could never get the in-engine DOF to turn out well.

Really? So long as it’s placed correctly at full render settings it looks fine. Placement is finnicky though, you generally have to put it a little behind or in front of the focus point.

Well it’s not that, I just prefer the look of photoshop’s Lens Blur / Tilt Shift over Source’s default DOF settings. But it’s more of a personal preference, over anything else. I just feel that Source’s Depth of Field looks too muddy, seeing as newer engines go for a more Bokeh effect with their blur, rather than straight up regular blur.

Excellent work and posturing.

Practice my friend.

I played around with it, and find out that if you do the following settings, it looks pretty neat:

blur 0.1 to 0.05 , 10, 10, 0.5. Gotta adjust the focus very very carefully though.