"I'll show you the way of the Ling Sheng-Su!"

Picture music:

Found out about this Kilik player model and HAD to do a quick Gmod pose with it.

Download Kilik here: http://www.mediafire.com/?agiou5r3jevpg8o

Also, stupid bonus video:

You died a hero.

Learn from my mistakes.

Very nice, um, picture… you, uh… got…


I find this to be pretty tasteful. The posing is on par, and the lighting is good enough to compliment the rest of the scene. I also love Soul Calibur, so, there ya go.

you’re just too ashamed to say you like the tits

Hm, I like the picture, you could have added some type of air rippling effect around the whip.
And about the video, SS Rank Combo.



why is SC stuff so difficult to find?

No idea. Although, a lot of really good SC models are being kept for private use by some people.

That makes me a sad panda :[

Trying to find fighting game stuff is such a pain. Street Fighter stuff I haven’t found really anything for…

That’s because Facepunch likes grimdark brown bloomy soldiers with guns and gasmasks and generally thinks anything else is homoerotic.

Given my experiences in other topics…seems rather true.

Can’t take a piss without dousing a soldier in some gritty pic.

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I’m curious if it would be possible to rip Created Souls.

Make some Pirates and various Barbarians…Gladiators, generic ninja and samurai…

would be pretty awesome