I'll tear your face apart

I was re-watching Fist of the North Star again, and clearly, the coolest character in the whole show was Rei. He could literally cut people into pieces with his hands, and there was a bright trail left behind his fingertips when he did so. Also, there was a character named Soria in the show, so this is mildly fitting?


Looks really nice.

Can I edit this even further it honestly doesn’t have the glowy feel

Be my guest


hope it looks good.

The man appears to have been storing Silly String in his cheek.

not a very good model to pick in my opinion

that glow/trail is not very good tbh

Yeah, the trail is pretty lackluster.

I’d suggest making the center of it white, or white with a very slight tint of blue, then maybe making it transparent so it doesn’t look like a light saber.