Illegal Human Players Get Caught By Security Programs

Listen to the music yo.

I know this is Personal Skin “trash”, but I think it deserves the attention of the people outside the thread.
C&C, if you wish, and rate artistic or the like depending on what you think of it.

Where did you get the models for the ‘enemies’ and guns? I like them.

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Also, really cool and origional concept.


I got the soldiers from here:
And the guns from Larry’s Weapons Pack, which is required for anyone that are gonna post something even minorly military.

I think Garry should incorperate Larry’s pack just 'cause it’s so useful.

Not to other people

Models should be optional, even bullshit PHX

that pose is really good

Why did you rate dumb then

i didnt ?

Personal skins or not this deserves some artistic attention.
I like the names, however the glow on Gun Guy makes it kinda hard to read.