Illmysts Woven Thread of ideas!

Everyone has ideas, And it seems like everyone has a thread of ideas and concepts for Rust.

Now I know what you are asking yourself, “Hey Illmyst, what makes you think we should care about your ideas?”

Good question you person behind a monitor! And I answer with NOTHING! I am just a gamer like you, like ALL of you reading here…
And like all gamers, we have what we call “Exp” (That’s Short for experience) in all things fun and pixelated.
We have seen great games come from great ideas from people like you. And also…we have seen the dark side of ideas and updates…

So with that in mind I call upon all you Marauders, Builders, Hunters, Scavengers, Raiders, psychopathic murderers, friendly explorers, nomads, and that odd group of naked men simply cooking chicken over a camp fire…
Lets make Rust BETTER!

Its a hard task, after all Rust is pretty darn awesome as is. Its the strong foundation we expect from a crafting survival game, and that foundation can raise a gaming world like no other with the right building parts.

So, now the floor is open. Its up to you. Post your ideas, your blueprints if you will… for a better Rust world.

Rules of conduct apply here.

  1. Be friendly :slight_smile:

2)Please refrain from post spamming.

3)This is not a rant thread so please keep it to ideas or comments regarding someone else’s post.

4)When you post, gives us a idea of what type of game rust is to you.

>good game
no this game should be f2p its awful

Ill start off.

We need a way of communicating with players in rust other than the typical world chat.

And we also need a use for all the critters in the game…so I merged the ideas…

You have your local area voice chat, and world chat. But what about Personal-Messages?

This idea will carry over into humour and fantasy, but I think rust needs some of both.

Domesticate animals: Rabbits can be used as little messenger bunny’s that carry letters to and from desired peoples or locations.

Pack boars or cows\oxen to carry bulk items, Deer act as speedy light item delivery systems, use chickens as alarms to trespassers! Wolfs and bears as companions, the ideas go on and on!

It would go something like this: Tame a bunny via some form of bait\live trap. after a period of time it would be a tamed pet. now a rabbit wont be able to carry items, but letters it can! you send someone the location of your hidden stash or home, plan attacks or other tactics. UHOH! SOMEONE KILLED YOUR RABBIT AND NOW HAS YOUR MESSAGE! that would be the risk you run…

You could load up the back boar with trade able items, tie it to a tree and hide out of sight with your bolt, after all, you cant trust the people you trade with… they bring a back boar with the other half of the deal, they leave it tied and take your boar away… once its safe, you take the boar and head home to unpack and party!!!

Or lets say you are in a combat situation, and your buddy is low on ammo… WELL THANK JESUS YOU HAVE A FAST AND STEALTHY SCOUT DEER TO TAKE HIM SOME %$#&ING AMMO!
The deer takes the cross fire and you stay behind your rock!

Or make a militarized base with guard dogs, bears, and your clan of bloodthirsty gunmen.
Sick’em toto.

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yawn Message CR20. Welcome to US-Cellular, The game you have called is unavailable. Its beta, please try your flame again later.

There is a very recent thread for this already! You should go there and participate!

Either use the Community Speaks thread that Dr.R linked to or use the suggestions subforum.