Illusion Games Models

there isnt enough ridiculous large breasted Japanese bitches on FP so heres the models
They really don’t have to many games so ill group them into one thread a lot of people won’t have much use for these models but the point is variety
and a lot of illusion’s models are well made. I’ll update the thread later with other releases.

Real Kanojo
FBX format (rigged) all main characters and costumes

FBX format (rigged) all main characters,enviroments
[img_thumb][/img_thumb](picture is edited a bit since I took separate pictures of head and body)

Yes, I was hoping you would get around to this. One question though, do you have all of the seperate models for rapelay, or does the younger sister only have the cat ears?

And did you use ssb to rip these? I’ve been messing around with AA but I can’t seem to get it working.

Someone should definitly get those high quality Real Kanojo models. :smile:

Yeah I used SSB and no the cat ears I didn’t separate but you could easily hack them onto another girl if you wanted also all the other parts are kinda low quality props. make sure in SSB the game is set to AA and not another game or it may not work.

So I’m not the only one who wanted these!

Oh look is one of those porn games. I bet you made it for Digital Ero hahah.

what are you talking about? I ripped these from the new CoD Dlc

isn’t that from the porn game where you can have sex and shit
that game was so funny

Don’t mean to sound stupid but are these ragdolls? If so that is just awesome

Quick question, what program is “SSB”, and what does it do?

SSB is a model viewer/exporter used for modding illusion games by importing and exporting from the games, it can export skeletal/mesh/sound/textures/ files, search around on hongfire to find the program, they have a large modding community there for illusion games

Is SSb short for something I can’t find anything on hongfire.

could you do sexy beach 3 models

Hmm… These might give me good ideas for the next gmod movie.

i mean some one should get these in gmod

I thought he said they are rigged?

He means he wants them rigged for garrysmod.

Okay vocab lesson here, rigged means the model is weighted to bones. If you want to use a 3d file in garrysmod you want it COMPILED for garrysmod, it’s still rigged whether or not you can use it in source.

this should be stickied all over peopels screen with no X button to get rid of it.

some old people still use the term enveloped for rigging haha usually they come from older game modding forums though.