Illusion of the Siren - Wading through the death and decay, a warrior cautiously approaches the young woman.

Yeah it’s got nudity, but it’s not a sexpose, so I figure I’m in the green.

Requested by TheCombine. :v:


Scenebuild dawgs.


time to fap.

Very nice.

Extremely well done man.

nudity in facepunch?

** Castro post the “begone sinner” picture **

holy mother of fappings

It looks like she’s crossed eyed.


I have two questions for ye

  1. what the fuck

  2. how the hell


Didn’t expect nudity in the first place.

Urbanator breaking th law on facepunch?

Urbanator IS the law.

also, yet again, extremely well done, as always.

uh it’s not a sexpose, it’s artistic nudity, so it’s not breaking any rules

This is an atmospheric piece of art!

This is awesome, but beware:

From the stickied rules thread. If a moderator really has it out for you, this would be the outlet he needs.

Watch this get really popular on DA because Final Fantasy and tits.

I like how you gave her nipples :v:

Amazing as always.

To anyone who’s slow: Look at the water reflection.

The editing is sexy, though for the pictures sake I think you should cover her up more, instead of having her fully nude and the absolute first thing you set your eyes on when you look at the pic