Illusive Barney

I couldn’t get the smoke he’s exhaling to look right no matter what :v:

Robo-Barney is gonna fuck your shit up.

I like the eyes and the red/blue theme lights.

his eyes!!

oh wait i get it.

Dr.Manhattan eyes or hydrogen atom eyes :buddy:
wait there are 3 electron/proton thingys in his eyes, so it’s a different element.

Those are the eyes of the Illusive Man from Mass Effect 2 :eng101:

Nice work. But people here don’t like the HL characters smoking. I got flamed for putting a cig between Alyx’s lips:biggrin:

Thanks for the mini spoiler, ** I haven’t played it yet! **
or is it a spoiler at all…?
please answer.

He looks pretty gay.

You should make his eyes red =D

Sexy eyes. :smug:


His eyes, there is something captivating about them, I can’t describe it.

You see them in the trailers and during the first minutes of the game, so no.

Very nice one! ME2 FTW.

Nice, quite reminiscent of the game.

Uh, hate to say this, but, although the picture is nice, the clash between the resolution of Barney’s face and clothing is distracting.

I like the detail added to his uniform.

The smoke isn’t dense enough, that’s why it doesn’t look right . I like the reference.

“I’m smoking therefore it automatically makes me cool”
But the picture is nice

You should have made him look at a hologram of an Hgrunt.