Ilya Bhop Gamemode Broken AGAIN!?

Well recently had a problem where if you jump-crouch, the server crashes. Ive been talking to customer service with Xenon for hours. And we did narrow it down to if someone jump-crouch on the Bhop gamemode. The server crashes. No idea why just started happening. The Support guy realized there was no error just the fact it was crashing because of that. Does anyone have ANY idea why this is happening. For reference, do not buy "Ilyas’ Bhop Gamemode, this is the second time its been broken.
Does anyone have any idea wtf is going on? Thank you sooo much for help!!!

And how are we supposed to fix it? You literally gave us nothing to go off of. Contact the author, assuming you didn’t pirate it like you said( in another thread ) lol

I never said fix it? Why you trying to start drama with theres nothing to start it with!? If you read it i said " Does anyone have ANY idea why this is happening." also “Does anyone have any idea wtf is going on? Thank you sooo much for help!!!” Never did i say how to fix it. I just asked if anyone had a clue what was going on? Not to fix it. I can do that much for people who let me know why its doing something so stupid. So i can fix it myself.

I’m not trying to start drama, I’m just pointing that out. And when you ask “wtf is going on here”, I, and probably some others, took it as you wanting to know a fix, which is implied. In my opinion of course.

Well im sorry that you implied something i was not meaning it that way. Theres nothing to base anything off of anyway except that its Ilya Bhop Gamemode? If you would ask for something i would be glad to help you help me but right now theres nothing to let you know if i dont now where the problem is coming from myself.

Are you using a leaked version? If you are, I’m not helping you. If you actually bought it and TRIED to get in touch with the creator AND have tested the gamemode on a vanilla server, then I will help you.

No i did buy it, stated that before, I contacted him not that long ago. But no reply. And i have no clue what you mean by Vanilla Server?

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I would go through so much trouble if i didnt really buy it. The reason i am going through all this is because i dont like purchasing something that is broken. :frowning:

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I wouldnt go through so much trouble if i didnt really buy it. The reason i am going through all this is because i dont like purchasing something that is broken. :frowning:

Why not just open a support ticket than post on facepunch developer discussion. It also seems like other customers are not having that problem and i even just started up a listen server with the vanilla gamemode with no addons and it seems to work fine. I’m also not even sure you purchased it.

If would like to provide proof of the email but i deleted it figuring i wouldnt need to prove someone of purchase. An you mean on CoderHire right? And well you can join my server and try it for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:
( not calling you a lier )

Just provide the Steam profile that you bought it with, then, send him a ticket on Coderhire.

This doesn’t really change anything, the only proof i would ‘want’ from you is a ticket or pm on coderhire. A email in my eyes isnt a valid form or proof of purchase. And if you by any chance are banned from coderhire, i wont be helping.

Havent been on it in awhile not sure. But ill check, hopefully im not, but the drama that went down before, wouldnt doubt it.

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uuuhhhhh :expressionless: Yep permanently Banned. For reasons really unknown :|. Well this is dumb. Would love to sign in through my new Steam Acc but of course cant because its “not older than 6 months”, kinda weird but whatever. Ilya just dont worry about it. Honestly tired of the problems with the gamemode. Love everything about it just has problems every once in awhile. Guess I have to find another gamemode that is of interest of me. Thanks Ilya for attempting to help really appreciate it. Its cool thought it was only $20 but its whatever.

Oh god, thats hilarious. So THATS why he didnt want to open a ticket, cause he’s been banned!

You probably should close this before someone rips you a new asshole

For what being banned on CoderHire? Thats kinda retarded isnt it? Well children these days complain about everything so i wouldnt doubt it. Just a message to those trying to “comment” on this. Think before you reply. Complaining/being immature/random dumb post, will not help the this, infact it will matters worse. So please think before you type. Unlike this guy :confused:

No, it’s funny because you’re banned off CoderHire and can’t get help there, probably leaked the script, and then come here feeling entitled to help, and get mad whenever someone calls you out for it. That’s why it’s funny. Done posting on this.

Stop having a bad attitude about everything. No one is starting drama, no one is being immature, you are just calling him out in spite of you asking for help on a paid gamemode when you are banned.

Well of course im frustrated when a $20 gamemode i purchased is broken. So yea im going to be frustrated. Im sure you would be to. And yes scout i do feel entitle for help, not from you guys but from the creator figuring he did make it and i bought it. Then its broken, so yea i do deserve some entitlement for that!? Same as i said before now and again. You would feel the same way if you were in my position. But since you know about .lua , shit you would probably make your own if the one you bought didnt work. And i respect you for knowing that. But you have to realize that i have no idea really on this stuff. So i do expect a pat on the shoulder and someone turning my head in the right direction with things. Not necessarily telling what to do, but a shove in the right direction. and ive received that some and i give recognition for that. But when you come in expecting me be able to pick up lua like a peice of paper, it wont happen. Not even reasonable. Thats what gets me upset in some posts, because people instantly think you can understand something if they show it to you ( thats how i feel its going down ). So yes, yes, yes, yes. I am frustrated about all this. :frowning:

The server in question

Cant look my account isnt older than 6 months and my other one ended up being banned for god no what. :frowning:

So your openly admitting you broke CH rules by using another account after you were banned?