Ilya's scoreboard online admins

How do i make rank operator and above shows up in the online admin list only admin and superadmin shows up.

ranks that needs to show up:


I presume you have either ULX installed on your server or you have another group management plugin.
One easy way to accomplish what you just said is to set scoreboard colours for your servers ranks. It includes some few lines of code which can quite easily be placed in your servers lua folder.

This is something that I implemented for my servers scoreboard.

if SERVER then
   function MySBColors(ply)
      if ply:CheckGroup("owner") then                   -- Give group 'Owner' a turquoise color on the scoreboard.
        return Color(0, 255, 255)
      elseif ply:CheckGroup("developer") then         -- Give group 'Developer' a purple color on the scoreboard.
		return Color(255, 0, 150)
	  elseif ply:CheckGroup("admin") then          -- Give group 'Admin' a red color on the scoreboard.
	    return Color(255, 40, 0)
	  elseif ply:CheckGroup("crew") then            -- Give group 'Crew' a Golden / Yellow color on the scoreboard.
	    return Color(255, 245, 0)
	  elseif ply:CheckGroup("donator") then        -- Give group 'Owner' a Light / Matt Greenish color on the scoreboard.
	    return Color(74, 255, 0)
   hook.Add("TTTScoreboardColorForPlayer", "MySBColors", MySBColors)

Now obviously you can change around the:


to the name of the rank you want.
You can also edit the:

return Color(color_combo)

to whatever colour you want. You can also add an extra:

elseif ply:CheckGroup("group_name") then
return Color(color_combo)

So that you can also give colors to the ranks that you listed above in your post.

Extra Note: This post should really be in the “Developers Discussions” forums in the “Garry’s Mod” category. This forum is specific to Gmod gameplay and not server development and such. You see here that only admins and superadmins will show up in the admin online list, i saw a few server that have other ranks in the online list like Moderator, vipmod ect… how do i add these ?

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Btw, where do i add that script :S is it another ulx file or what ? its darkrp not TTT.