I'm a brony, and I made a pony killing pose better than majority of the anti-brony pony killing poses

title not meant to be douchey

True story, also, I’ve seen some really good ones, so remember that I said “majority” and not “all”

this pose is not meant to be taken seriously

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You’re terrible at this and you should feel bad for it.

Someone didn’t see the one Joazzz did.

gray highlights

well i am flattered

What did you hope to accomplish by this?

Posing is iffy, composition is also rather iffy. You also need to turn up your AA and use Super DOF.
And to be honest, I’ve seen much better brony killing poses than this.

Check it


Yeah I seen those, I said majority, not all.

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To be honest, I did throw this together in five minutes, I normally do put in some of that DoF but… I kinda got tired of it, probably next pose I do.

And yes, I know nobody on Facepunch wants to see my five minute bullshit

From the rules and resources.


Unless you know how to pose… But you don’t. So get out.

Jesus Christ, nobody wants to see 5 minute shit. For this you have the “want to post your picture…” thread (inb4 troll pose thread). Did you even read the rules?

And no, majority of the anti-brony pictures (the ones released to publicity) are good. Your is shit.

That’s all from a douchebag point of view.

Wasn’t there one where some warhammer characters were destroying a few ponies and some anime characters as well in a brutal manner?

Probably, these things are all over the internet


So lets all take a moment and thank Joazzz

This is actually one of my works that I’m ashamed of, please, take a look at my better works.


Why bother making a thread then? Why do you want to be ashamed by showing off your pictures? I don’t understand 2 things: women and my friend when he drinks too much.

But I don’t understand people that are making threads for pictures, and then saying “omg don’t look at it, i can do better”…

Also note, GoldenEye: Source models have terrible rigging in the first place, as their models are not meant for use in Garry’s Mod.

Don’t forget mine.

That’s… very fucking good couldn’t come up with better words to describe it

i edited that, so that’s 15% of the glory/shame (depends on the PoV) for me