I'm a little confused on some things server wise

I just set up a TTT server the other day, me being new to garry’s mod server editing “plenty of experience in tf2 servers atleast” I have found it to be harder and a bit more confusing than my past trials. I have spent the last few days trying to find some info on setting up the motd, getting new wep mods to work on the server, and generally just about anything else. Thanks to this new update it’s become a bit more complicated in my opinion than it used to be.

Also I have a hard time getting anyone to come to my server, anyone have any helpful tips there? Sorry for being a newby at gmod servers, I blame the lack of tutorials for this sort of thing.

Well, there’s a lot to explain.
You should first find a gamemode for your server and place it in the garrysmod>gamemodes folder.
Then you should get an admin mod. I would reccomend ULX or Evolve. That goes in addons.
Once you get the admin mod up, you can configure the MOTD. Ulx has a fairly simple one.
Afterwards, The addons (for the guns and mods you were talking about.) Dont work the way they used to, Now, instead of installing addons into the ‘Addons’ folder, you can open your workshop.vdf file located in the garrysmod directory at the bottom. I am not home so I can’t show you mine. If you look it up, you can find many examples of it. Simply you place the workshop id number in that file from the steam workshop, and they will appear in your server.

A tip: Don’t get too powercrazy when it comes to administrating your server, dont give yourself money, and dont get mad!

Things may seem frustrating when it comes to lua. But that’s what the help section is for.

Good luck.

Thanks for that man, though I forgot to mention i’ve had plenty of experience in the old garrsysmod, it’s just setting other key things up, I really should have left more info, suppose I can add some more now.

I used to admin two servers back last year and the one before that one, though I did not own it.

What I need right now is just the motd and some cool features I could do to the server people might like.

Hmm… ULX has a pretty nice MOTD. (type !motd)
In the configs in-game or in the GUI, you can set the MOTD page.
Also, you can use sv_loadingurl which sets a custom picture to the download page.
This is particularly useful for listing the rules. Although I reccomend having some sort of script on your website to enlarge it, because the loadingurl likes to make it smaller so it doesnt fit the screen.
I have to go to work, I’ll be back later tho share some more.

Thanks for that server line, it’s just about all I really need, I can finally pull that favor from a friend.

I use ass-mod for my admin tools right now, works pretty well atm, though not that I can’t change is ULX better? Also is it in the workshop or do I need to get legacy and take that route?