I'm a Mapper and I want to find out how to play S&Box!


I’m Zeys. I’ve been mapping for some years now. I only recently heard about this new game. I love mapping and I’ve been lucky that my most well known map just recently cracked 7.5k subscribers!! So I want to try out S&Box, and I REALLY want to get my hands on the new Hammer :). How do I do so? How do I get to play it?

that won’t help me tho. I heard there are only 1000 keys. At the beginning I was at Queue 122 now I’m at 234. Since other people are joining the Queue and getting a place higher up. So This way I won’t get the game I think.

Tough. Wait your turn in the queue.
Additionally, there is no game, only a development preview.

there’s no other way to obtain a key atm then this

If you want to start mapping using Source 2 / Hammer 2 then you must download SteamVR which uses the same but less complex version of what s&box uses and you will be able to carry your project across.

To succesfully open the steamvr dev tools to access source 2 hammer you’ll need to watch the first 5 minutes of this video, then you should be good to go from there to start mapping, You’ll have no assets or textures but you can make your own using model doc and Material Editor.

Click here to Watch first 5 mins to setup steamvr for Source 2 hammer 2 access