I'm A Stupid Cat (GMod)

Hello I’m new to this and would like you to please…

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpl5mOAXNl4&feature=related
Then watch, rate comment, and subscribe to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eGQYfELXk4&feature=feedlik

-Novac Gaming

How cute, you think you have a group.

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Wow, that really sucked.

Jesus christ in Bikini Bottom that’s not nice

well, yeah it was pretty bad

keep trying though!

oh, and don’t sign your posts.

That was pretty poorly made. You could have at least taken heed of the camera angles used in the original video, and not been 50 feet away from the cat model.

Yeah, and being a dick to look cooler than others doesn’t suck right?

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First machinima that I made… but thanks for the constructive criticism.

You make a new thread for people to give opinions, then you go apeshit if I don’t think its good?

You can give opinions but dude you do have to be a dick about i

Ignore BlueYoshi, he’s always a partypooper.

However, the most common mistake that our new members make is get really pissed off when they get told their work isn’t great, please don’t do this, or you’ll eventually get banned for flaming.

It’s alright, but you really need to work on camera angles and you should definitely add more frames of animation; it looks a bit choppy as it is right now.

Keep tryin’ at it, GMod films ain’t as easy as they look to make.

I didn’t like it.

FIRST… wait let me repeat, FIRST VIDEO!

No excuses.

well, that was pretty goddamn shitty.

Its still Criticism.

i find no joy in this.

awesoeem man make more 10/5 u get rating cuz you make a nice video :))9!!!



It wasn’t a first video. If you look at his youtube account he has 17 videos, and the latest was this cat video.

The first one I made. the others were from WeeGee Hunter

I suggest making a machinima that actually has a plot. At least to make a thread for it. This was just… I don’t know. Look like it took 5 minutes to make. Write a script, learn camera tricks, film shots, and do retakes if needed, practice makes perfect. Spazzing a ragdoll got old after the first couple million videos.

Ruined the original :frowning: