I'm banned

hello my name is guillegomez i am banned from all servers in rust, do not know why but whenever I try to enter Vac gets banned or something.
someone can tell me how the problem is solved, thanks.

whats your steam profile page and ID

this is my steam profile and i dont know mi id

can you explain those 2 vac bans you got there sir?

This. This a thousand times.

yes when the game start i put a hack but only use with my friend in he server. only

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and when you remove me

If you are vac banned, it’s probably because you were cheating. I’m sure a forum gumshoe will be along shortly with proof, or more likely just to mock you because facepunch can do nothing about vac bans.

so if command post or something so I removed me? or no

It doesn’t matter if it was your friends server it is a ban from Valve not Rust. Your not allowed to use hacks on any Vac protected game. Nothing you can do now but start a new steam profile and buy Rust again.

I I have to make another account?

There is no way to remove a VAC ban either, so dont even ask or beg

yes and buy rust again and postal will most likely pban you for cheating

Doesn’t matter where you used it, you have been warned when you connected to the server but you choosed to ignore the warning:

//EDIT: In other words: You won’t get unbanned. Deal with it.

//EDIT²: Also VAC = Valve Anti Cheat, so Facepunch can’t unban you anyway.

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as contact with steam?

Seeing as you admitted to using hacks, Steam will not unban you.

You are permanently banned.

That is the end of the story.

You were told not to cheat.

You cheated.

Now you are banned from Rust on that account forever.

In the Steam client you can go to Help -> Steam Support and open a ticket.

You will likely not get unbanned however. If you use cheats on any VAC-protected server you will get banned, and the bans will never be removed for any reason.

i like cheats.com/forums/members/151324-guillegomez

Seems to be you.

Sweet detective work bro.