I'm becoming one of them (WARNING: contains ponies)

So this is kinda my first pose.
Decided to make a thread since nobody noticed it on the “don’t want to make a thread” thread.
It could probably stand more editing but I’m not that good at it.
Most graphics settings were maxed out.
I should warn you it contains ponies (not dead ones)


This is based off of two stories.
One day I was leaning over the sink in my bathroom and home and when I looked up at the mirror I saw Celestia standing behind me. Then another day I was looking in a mirror at school and I had Applejack’s eyes. So I combined the two living nightmares to make this (this map is a very accurate representation of school bathrooms).

makes me lol cause in the map, that isnt a mirror.

It is, that’s the point. As I said based off (two) true stories.

That is pretty interesting.

Too bad the lighting in the ‘reflection’ doesn’t match.

Lighting is weird like joazzz said.

Replace celestia with twilight and you get what i see every day since i watched the show…

Only in the mirror, my eye does not look like I’m high…

Holy shit someone got my username right

It’s not my eye, it’s Applejack’s. She stole mine. Or do you mean the eye that’s not in the mirror? In that case I tried to make it bloodshot.
Glad to see I’m not the only one who had this reaction though.

If you’re having hallucinations like this then you should probably see a doctor about that. You’re going mad, bro.

is the pony about to mount him?

They stopped two weeks ago. Turns out the problem was coke (as in good ole’ fashioned cola). I was on 6 floz a day 4 days a week and 18 on fridays when this happened. Switched to tea and now I’m sane, for the most part. Still made this to show: MLP does things to people, horrible horrible things.

Nah doctor can’t do shit man.

As I said I’ve since recovered. Although I’m considering watching more of the show tomorrow so they may come back.

I don’t know if “Normal” is the right word but sometimes overexposure can cause some weird things.
Such as when I first picked up Minecraft.
When I looked in my bathroom mirror (weird coincidence) I swear I saw Coal ore in my wall.
And after that I would hear a faint “sssssssssss…”
After I realized I was being a moron and being psychologically affected by a 16 bit game, it stopped.