I'm both dissapointed and frustrated, by complete lack of admin support over whats going on at official servers.

{Excuse my eng its my 2nd lauguage}

See I’ve tried to play, and was ready to loose it all over and over - such game it is. Playing safe bet, i chose from few official servs and jumped on US central 1 server. It ruined my trust to whoever is behind project.

It is run by a group of hackers, known to all Ghost Jaxximus and some others, openly breaking game all day and apparently, they are free to do so. The only thing that has been close to this in my online experience, would be some CS dedicated server run by mid schoolers who log in with hacks after school. But then i just moved from that swamp server, and here it is official one. Am I asking for too much? I know game is in alpha, but that is matter of customer service basics to have 1 lousy admin doing something on your server.

I get killed on empty field, farming some resources. I get killed by hs from shotgun from so far i only hear bullets enter my body rather then a shot. And then the second I spawn, i get killed. And it could be some safe house, top of random fking mountain (yes was, but i didnt record that, sadly), my char is robbed, and i start over. This time build 3x3 3 stories tall house, but they noclip or whatever they need to. check out video of me trying to shelter in 3x3 house , a middle of it,(i would guess it is still acceptable if they shoot right spot) and then one of the hackers is coming to me flying like if he found BP to go supersayan or something(they do crazy jumps, walk 10000x speed of running etc. all day) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN6AqJzK9tM&feature=youtu.be

US central 1. and there are like 10 official servers maximum, according to my list. I liked game itself, but I just feel cheated, this is unprofessional to point borderline offensive and want my money back now.

I feel cheated too, these are OFFICIAL SERVERS of the game, and I have not seen anything done about these hackers. It’s one thing to have crap admin support on the community servers, but it’s another to have this kind of crap on an official server. If you can’t fix this problem, I want my money back as well.

Well I see 16 official servers. I spoke with some older players that are also on the serv, and they wrote tickets, so it is not only me… Anomalies are obvious, and people doing it are same. In one day I seen a guy move, with animation of walk (not run), but quick as if it was spectator mode camera. whole animation was faster to match with it and it looked quite ridicolous. Then there’s a guy jumping like neo, or, the way you would if you play CS with sv_gravity set on ~~100. I’m used now to random death with speakers on, when i’m in full kevlar from pickaxe to the head on flat terrain, but spawning at remote location with same person killing you instantly, standing by your side with shotgun seconds later is like a cherry on top. Also I believe you cant pick locks, but not only my house gets robbed without break in signs, i even once found a naked dude sleeping in the middle of main room!

There is a large group of players that i had great time playing with, and they are leaving because it seem gamers cant do anything about few that hack.

Just play community servers until experimental servers are a solid thing. Problem solved.

i don’t know why they even have official servers up when they clearly don’t care about legacy, nor should they. should turn them off IMO

But where would the Hackers go?
Community Server.

All the efforts are on the experimental servers, legacy are abandoned. Hope they will eventually close them .
If you still want legacy play on a community server with active admin and hope the admin isnt a dick. If he is , try again... Its the only solution for legacy.

I’ve seen 3 similar posts like this today. I feel like the devs should make it clearer for new players that the legacy version of Rust is a dead project and that a new version is in fast development. Add a “read more” button for explanations on why it’s a dead project. I feel like that’s the least buyers of the alpha version deserve. Right now it states it’s in alpha state and explains the risk of buying a game in alpha but people deserve more than that, things have changed drastically.

Sure, people shouldn’t be lazy and just do some research rather than ignorant ranting on facepunch but they’ve already invested money in Rust, I feel like they deserve an explanation that won’t require them additional time investment through research… It would decrease the amount of threads like these on facepunch too.

the thing is they do warn you when you buy it. I can`t think of any other way they can warn new players… This is from the steam page for rust:
*"Rust Is Rebooting
There are two different versions of Rust. When the game is launched in Steam, players are asked if they want to Play Rust or play the Experimental Version? The version that launches with ‘Play Rust’ is the version that most people know about and are currently playing. It is currently the most stable. However, the Experimental Version is the focus of the development team, and it will eventually take over from the main version when it has sufficient features and when the majority of players have moved over. We do not have a timescale for that.

Experimental is a complete rewrite of Rust. It isn’t just a patch or an update. We’ve spent the past few months remaking the game from the ground-up, re-building it to enable us to fulfil our ambitions in a way that was impossible with the original release. This isn’t unusual: games get rebooted all the time, but we’re in Early Access and there’s no way to hide that, nor would we want to. It’s part of the process. We want to get the message out that we are working on Rust, just not on the version the majority of players are experiencing."*

People should read before they buy, not bitch after.