"I'm coming for you!" The Heavy fights the Engineer in a duel.




You sir, have made my (early) day

Woah, cool.

Heavy sucks at playing Pong.


Saw that much of the title, and expected porn.

This is just as good, though.

Cool stuff. I wasn’t expecting this.

That is awesome

Thanks for my new wallpaper ;3

the heavy’s face is just epic.

This reminds me of when I played pong with my aunt when I was a toddler. I couldn’t figure out how she used the stick to control the ball and threw the controller down.

Baby’s first ragequit.

Excellent n’ funny work !

very good idea right there Caboose.

This should be a minigame in tf2.

Hehe, nice.

Very nice picture. I like it!

I love it.

Bloodly awesome sir!

Does the sandvich have the ‘bitten’ bodygroup? Or is there a separate model?

I certainly wasn’t expecting this.