I'm Confused about Skinning

Hello Guys, I’m Currently a 15 year old who knows how to model and i’m currently in the midst of learning lua.

I’m confused on skinning/texturing models, is it an eyeballing job do you create skins and hope it fits/matchs the bends or is it much simpler and you can model it in blender or 3D max and it’s fine and dandy and if so how do you export the texture and into VMT( or VMF i can’t remember which one is the model xD)

If it’s possible can someone send me a link to a thread telling me about this or an external site/forum.

Help is Much appreciated

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I’m Mainly Doing it for making Custom weapons and playermodels

Just use substance painter

Is It Possible you could link me a tutorial or something?

Well, you can’t really just “use” substance painter, you have to pay for it and a lot too, yes there’s a 30 days trial and if you use it every day and become kind of good with it you’d consider spending the money, but it’s still a lot, especially for a 15 years old who, like most other, can’t just ask his mom to charge 149 dollars for it.