I'm confused about the game ban

I usually play rust on my personal computer.But I logged in my account in the Internet cafe a few days ago.I just looked at the shop and didn’t even play.And then I got banned.I appealed and they told me I was using a third party tool.I asked a lot of players and they said if you play in an Internet cafe you are likely to be banned.Because most Internet cafes have banned software in their computers.In fact,as a PVE player,I don’t know about it.I am confused that my actions did not affect the fairness of the game but I was banned.Is this fair to a player who loves Rust?I don’t think such a permanent ban is friendly to a player.I think a maximum of three days is justified as a warning rather than a permanent ban.Hope the game developers will see my appeal and deal with it.

You either played on a computer someone previous installed cheats on, EAC flagged whatever monitoring software the internet cafe uses as cheats, or you’re lying, but regardless of all of those things it’s very unlikely the ban will be appealed.