I'm dreaming of Rustdedicated.exe using multi core.

Dear @Garry,

We are in 2016, and your priority is probably not the code of server version of Rust…

I have a MC-32b (OVH), with a i7 4790k… The best processor for f*cking single threaded process… My Rust_dedicated.exe use 100% of a core from my processor… Really sad.

I’m not a dev, but its really sad to have a server process using single thread.

1998 is ended bro. >:(

I agree!

It’s quite conceivable that many of the tasks cannot be easily multithreaded.

Multithreading is not something you just wish upon a star. It greatly adds to the complexity of a codebase. As long as you keep multithreading in mind for development, it is often far easier to debug and add/remove features by keeping things single threaded, then port it over later.

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