Im dying all the time

hey, ervery time a new round start am i dying or lousing health! (i am the owner/superadmin its not happening when i am another rank) can some one help me?

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and somthimes my screen is ging whithe or black and if i teleport to someone then its normal

You didn’t tell us anything, that would make us able to help you. You are just losing hp okay, how we are supposed to help? Gamemode? Maybe you installed addon that breaks it? Errors? Its hard to troubleshoot with 0 information and only problem.

Well you’re clearly just absolutely terrible at the game. If you want to get better, search up some guides on Google to help you out. One of my personal recommendations;

Welcome to GMod Roleplaying: You Suck

i dident mean it on that way im spawning dead and spawning with less hp and it is not Roleplay!

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oh sorry i forgot its TTT

What addons do you have installed?

A guide to learn how to play TTT.