I'm editing a map, and the materials are missing.

So the map I’m editing is DarkRP related and uses CSS textures. I do not own CSS. So is there a way to mount the texture like from the SteamCMD server files? Kind of like how I did with my server?

Below are the errors I’m getting while trying to compile the map:

I’m assuming this is missing textures from CSS.

just buy cs:s

there is so much content in garry’s mod borrowed from cs:s im surprised you’ve held out this long already. it goes on sale for like 5 bucks too (though it is insane they still try to sell it for $20 when csgo is only $15)

if you have the game installed and run it it’ll set up everything in hammer for you already including hl2 and cs:s textures.

Okay, I’ll just buy it. I thought I might have to go that way with it. The way I’ve been getting by is by downloading the textures. But it’d be nice to have the actual game so I won’t have issues like this one.

While you should get css, the errors you posted have nothing to do with css.

The map you are editing, did you decompile it (with what software) or did you dl the vmf?

He probably just decompiled it with bspsource and never got the textures from the bsp.

that would work, however just buying CS:S will be the more legal way of handling this.

I was replying to the post above mine (Suppose I should probably get in a habit of quoting stuff ¬_¬)