I'm finally back. Here's a little something to get started.

Yep, you heard it. Though most of you don’t even know me, i hope some of you remember all of the shit i did. Well, now that i’ve finally got Gmod (:ninja: shhh), i’m finally able to get back into this.


Also, too much DoF.

Heavy is attacking a mine is it:) Nice coloring on the background. Have wood.

And yes to much dof.

The fingerposing seems rofl but the editing is sexy!
Have arty. Never heard of yah.

Is faceposing is reaaaaly strange looking. You can’t see his pupils and is mouth is bulging out to the left far too much. You can see a seam inside. Otherwise, nice editing person-who-I-haven’t-really-seen-much-of-but-is-apparently-important.

I remember ye, i like your poses.

Not a seam. Saliva.

Hey your Tf2 poses are better then mine.


Anyways very good pose my friend.

Bad fingerposing on his left hand.

I thought that the twisted fingers on the left hand kinda fit the “Deranged-Soldier-leaping-at-you-with-a-pickaxe” look.

Hm, doesn’t really come off immediately as saliva. Just looks like a model error…

If it had more dripping then it would probably be more obvious.

Jarred-jaw reminds me of slow mo moments in comedies.
Should be able to see his pupils.
Nice posing.
Watermark is unnecessary. People who steal shit usually get perma’d

Eww soldier.

Nice picture tho ;D


What can i say, i’m rusty?

The watermark is a habit, really. I like seeing my “trademark” on my work.

Saliva could do with a tiny bit of blur to make it less sharp. That’s really a nit-pick though. This is pretty good.

I actually remember alot of your poses! You gave me the first C&C, in my first thread, in my first account! http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=497183

Anyways nice posing, but the fingers look broken.