I'm frustrated with looking for toybox entities in vain...

Friendly Gnome.

The Original.

Gone forever?

I find it hard to believe that Garry has deleted ALL toybox entities. I say entities, because there is a official torrent for the toybox content, but it only contains sweps and maps!

Ever since toybox was gone, the developer of the Friendly Gnome has either discarded his wonderful creation, or has been especially quiet.

If someone, anyone, could give me the original Friendly Gnome, it would add meaning to Garrysmod again.

Btw, I would also like to know why there are no entities in the toybox torrent (are entities not cool anymore?)

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Third link on Google



Anyone know if that combine survival entity is out there anywhere?

I repeat…

Not the workshop one.
Anyone who has experienced the toybox will know that the original is MUCH better.

Then you’re fucked because toybox is nonexistent and it probably wouldn’t work anyway because of Garry’s Mod 13 so gl w/ that.

Didn’t garry upload a torrent with every toybox addon ever added to toybox?

Here you go: http://garry.tv/2012/10/23/toybox-torrent/
Fresh from garrys gmod blog.

The OP says it only contains sweps and maps.

If someone backed up their copy of Garry’s Mod 12 before it updated, I think it’d be under the addons/toybox or something. I don’t have the Friendly Gnome myself and even if I did I wouldn’t be sure how to extract the files.

OP is wrong.

I missed that part! I shouldn’t post when i’m really tired.

Yeah I wasnt sure myself. All I downloaded from the torrent were a couple of maps I couldn’t find elsewhere.