I'm getting a headache.....

What is the current version, no… the most current STABLE version of DarkRP? The one that you hit F2 to own something, not F4…

The SVN version. Go grab it from the DarkRP thread.


IIRC no version has been determined to be ‘stable’ or ‘unstable’, as bugs are fixed when they have been found.

Well the problem is that I have a version or DRP that has a ton of weapons such as grappling hook, flashbangs, and all sorts… and the problem is the majority of them do not work.

Those are custom weapons, probably. Or you have a really old version. As people said get SVN so you get bugs fixed when bugs are found.

Those ARE custom weapons. Just go grab the SVN version, NAO.

I did, and a majority of those weapons disappeared. I’ll have to go and download each weapon individually