I'm getting a low frame rate with maps that use the skypaint feature.

Before I could get at least 30-40 fps on Gm_construct, but now I only get about 9 fps on Gm_construct.This happens with any maps with the skypaint feature. Is there any way of fixing this?


In regards to reverting to the old skybox method, no not really. What’s your card, it’s obviously a graphics issue, because the skybox is a giant shader now as apposed to just a texture.

Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family.

lol integrated graphics…but yeah, that’s your problem. Time to consider updating to an external graphics card. I’m surprised you’ve been able to run gmod all this time with an Intel 965, my friends have run games like WOW on integrated graphics pre-sandy bridge and said they are absolutely terrible.

Integrated graphics are a no-no for any fps games really, especially ones that use the new source engine, integrated graphics were mostly designed for things like video processing until the sandy bridge chips, even which weren’t the BEST for games, but helped. This of course is speaking unless you have a mobo with radeon HD integrated graphics, then it’s a little different. But for the most part, you won’t beat a standalone card.

Besides, especially intel integrated graphics, they use a TON of system resources, where standalone GPUs do not, because all the resources required are mostly integrated into the card.

Actually, if I might correct you, a lot of integrated cards can play most Source games just fine with exception to some running the Orange Box/newest engine. But Intel cards are terrible, the absolute worst you can get as they rely solely on system RAM as most integrated cards have their own built in VRAM that you can tell to SHARE system RAM if you need a little more oomph.

Before Sandy Bridge, there was AMD’s APU technology which could run most games perfectly except for some very heavy games like Metro 2033 and The Witcher 2 Enhanced.

Other than those two I completely agree.

Also, Dino, Sky Paint isn’t anything horribly special really, you should just keep it off, there’s nothing anyone can do to help with the FPS drop.

Wasn’t even aware there was an option to turn it off! Just do that, and yes, recent source games with an updated engine, AKA gmod. And he doesn’t have amd hardware, that’s why I didn’t mention it :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a way of turning it off?

At first I thought you meant the addon, Sky Paint, not Sky Paint enabled maps. Now I realize you meant the feature enabled in maps, while I don’t know how to disable Sky Paint, you could try these console commands: r_skybox 0 and r_3dsky 0.

Those commands get rid of the skybox AND the 3D skybox around the map. You can also use r_drawskybox 0.

Other then that I don’t know of a command that disables it yet. I looked through ALL of the commands and the only one that even makes note of it is sv_skyname and it shows up as sv_skyname painted.