Im giving away all of my code, do as you please with it.

So iv been working on this mod for some time, but just as everything related to programming that I have ever done… It ends on failure and much regret.
I have hit a wall and it has been very long since Iv been able to fix anything, but I don’t want to just let this die.
So, here is all of the mod’s code and other content.

[Link to the mod]
[Link to the needed add-ons]

I hope this code helps someone who is more capable than I am.

Thank you, everyone, who has helped me make this, it was fun while it lasted.
Thank you: Brassx, KingofBeast, YM_Industries, code_gs, Gmod4phun and Zeh Matt.

Maybe you care to tell us what is actually in there…?

I’m sorry but the “mod”/gamemode is like 200 lines of code and a fuckton of random guys workshop addons.
If you hit a wall during programming, just keep on trying, or work on another project, you gain experience either way.

I do plan to keep trying, but not doing something as big as I had planned