I'm going to be ok... right Doc?

Sure son, everything will be okey.

**Music Provided by Zeraxify: **(Skip to 1:33)

[sp]I was about to name it “Two Rebels about to buy a farm” but it really didn’t matched with the mood of the picture.[/sp]

I find it quite fun to see some more Half-Life pictures. There aren’t a lot anymore.

Anyways, it’s a good picture. Could do with some music, though. Posing looks pretty good, especially with the horrible .phy files these models have.
Editing looks pretty good, fits with the scene.

Overall good picture, extra points for the Half-Life theme!

You mind hooking me up with some fitting music Zerax? :kiddo:

Perhaps this one? 2:00 and forward, if so.

Also, got an original for this? I would like to edit it after school :v:

Kidding, I love it.

This one is the original :stuck_out_tongue: It’s all in-game.

They shoot him in the back!

Thanks for the comments you two :slight_smile:

Really is a great scene. Kudos for face posing the dying rebel, his face is dead-on… excuse my pun. Hah.

Nice to see a Hl2 picture. Editing/lighting looks good but the posing on the Combine is very stiff.

i like the picture overall, but the shading is wierd on some places.

Dats cool

That’s pretty cool, I like it

Anyone else reminded of that scene in Return of the Jedi when Leia gets shot?

Awesome… I fucking love Chopin.

Thanks for the comment guys :buddy:

“no your not…”
cool picture

Nice pic.